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Q: Will this Pc2phone dialer work in U.A.E. , Oman, Qatar and all blocked regions / Do you give money back guaruntee ?
A: Yes, We give money back guaruntee that our dialer will work in all regions where voip is blocked like U.A.E. , Oman etc.


Q: I can not login to PC2phone messenger. It's giving error " 403 forbidden " ?
A: Please close your Dialer and exit from System tray. ( the right bottom corner of screen ). And then re open dialer and login. If you still can't login, probabbly you are giving a wrong user name and password. please go to http://clear-billing.com/vsportal and try to login here. if you was giving a wrong user name and password in pc2phone dialer, you will not be able to login on this page. But if you are able to login on website and can't login in pc2phone dialer only, then please send email to our technical support deparment on Contact Us page.


Q: I can login to PC2phone dialer and i am getting error " forbidden " when i dial a number.
A: it seems your Ringomax account is blocked by our verification department due to fault in your credit card or paypal account. Please click on Contact US button to contact our billing department with details. Our billing department will check the issue with your account and will get back to you as soon as possible..


Q: I can login but when i dial a number, i am getting error " not found " in pc2phone dialer ?
A: There are two reasons.
1: You dont have money in your Ringomax account. You need to recharge your Ringomax account to make more calls.
2: If you have money in your ringomax account then make sure you are not giving 00 in start of numbers. Dial numbers with 00 or without 00 like this: 971501234567 and this 00971501234567 . If the problem presist, Please click on Contact US button to contact our technical support team.


Q: I can not install Pc2phone dialer. its giving error ?
A: You have installed pc2phone dialers of other companies. Some companies don't allow to install Pc2phone dialer of another company.
To Install Ringomax pc2phone dialer, you will need to uninstall all companies dialers including ringomax pc2phone dialer.
Then restart your system. And install again Ringomax pc2Phone dialer only. It should be installed and work fine.


Q: i can not dial the number.
A: its application error. Restart your system. it will be fixed. And next time dont make and disconnect calls quickly. otherwise Dialer will give the same error.


Device to phone service


Q: How device to phone service works ?
A: It also called " Phone Adapter " . Most common in markets are Linksys pap2 devices. It looks like ADSL external modems.
You will give an internet connection in this device from your route and a telephone set connnected to this device. Then access device configurations page in your system. in the configurations you will give Ringomax proxy, user name and passwords.


Q: How can i configure my device ?
A: Please read configurations details by Clicking Here


Q: Is device to phone service workes in blocked regions like U.A.E. , Oman, Qatar Etc...
A: Yes all of our services are working in blocked regions like UAE , Oman , Qatar and all other regions where voip is blocked.


Q: Do i need a computer when using my device ?

A: Yes, if you are in a blocked region and you want to use device then it is important to use a computer with your device. Because you will need to install a specialy application on your computer . And that application will be running while you are making calls from device. It is ISP blockage passing device.

However this is still a good option, you can connect 2, 3 , 4 devices to a single computer. Only one computer is needed for all devices .

If Voip is not blocked in your country then you can use device without computer.


Mobile Dialers


Q: I installed Iphone dialer. But it's not working on Wifi connectiton. It's only working on 3G internet connection ?
A: Currently our Iphone mobile dialer is a Beta version. in Some Iphones it may not work on Wifi connection.


Q: Which mobile phone you support ? give me list of supported mobile phones.
A: Our mobile phones dialers are not based on mobile phone models or companies. Its Based on Mobile phone Operating System. Like Symbian, Windows, Apple.
You can see a list of mobile phone Operating systems on Download Page and can install required mobile dialer.


Q: My mobile is E51. is your mobile dialer support this mobile phone ?
A: Our mobile dialer is made by another company for Ringomax. So i am not sure will it work in your mobile phone or not.
You can try installing it. If its installed successfully and you are logged in with your user name and password , then you can recharge and use it. You can creat new user name and password on New Account page , if you still don't have an account with us.


Q: I am trying to install your Nokia / Symbian mobile dialer. but its giving Update error.
A: please check the system date of your mobile set, the system date of the mobile set will have to up to date
if APSSERVER v2 (Audio Proxy server version 2 ) already installed in that mobile set then please un install it.
to uninstall the apsserver v2 please follow the following steps:
Tools > Application Manager > and select APSSERVER v2
from Options > Select Remove.
and our Ringomax Mobile Dialer will install its compatible APSSERVER which we provide with the dialer installer .


Q: i can not install Iphone mobile dialer. i gave the link in Cydia to download it. But its not downloading. or giving error ?
A: The Iphone download link may be blocked by your ISP. Thats why you can not download it. Ask our live support agent for new download link.
Currently you can try this link: http://ringomax.us/ringomax


Q: I am trying to install Iphone dialer. But its giving error.
A: Please reinstall Cydia prefrence loader. it will fixed prefrence loader. and then install ringomax Iphone dialer again.


Q: i installed Ringomax mobile dialer. But i can not hear anything. Or it's one way voice.
A: Please uninstall all mobile dialers from your mobile phone including Ringomax mobile dialer.
Then Switch off your mobile phone and switch on again. And then Download again Ringomax mobile dialer and install it. It will fix the problem.





Q: Can i pay by paypal for my reseller account ?
A: We only accept Western Union payments and local bank payment ( bank payments in some countries ) from resellers. Credit card payments are not accepted from resellers.


Q: How much time it will take if i transfer money by Western Union for credit to be credited in my reseller account ?
A: It may take 1 to 2 hours to receive money. And we credit Reseller's account immediatly.


Q: I am transfering money by Western Union. Western Union Ask for my passport copy. Is it safe to transfer by western union from Saudi arabia or Oman ?
A: Western Union ask for identity like Passport copy to prevent the Money laundring and fraud Transactions.
There is no other reason to ask for identity. Western Union100% safe.


Q: Can i make my own resellers ? Can i get reseller level 2 or level 3 account ?
A: Yes. If you purchase from us directly, then you can request us to make your reseller account level 2 or level 3.


Q: What is my profit if i signup for a reseller account ?
A: You can see profit details on Resellers package compression page ( Click here ) . You will buy euros from us on Fixed rates or on Euro rates ( depends on purchase volume you make each time ) . And then sale 10 euros, 20, 50 euros with your profit in your local currency. For example if you buy 10 euros from us at 50 Dirhams, you will sale it on fixed price 60 Dirhams. or 65 Dirhams. So the other 10 or 15 dirhams are your profit in each 10 euros.


Q: Can i change tariff / calling rates in my reseller account ?
A: Yes Please see resellers packages on Reseller ( resellers.php ) page. But Do NOT change tariff your self. This is case sensitive. If you do it your self and if any error accure during tariff changing or making rates higher or importing a new tariff, you will losse all of your money day by day. And we will not be able to help you.

Here in Ringomax we offer a fully managed Reseller account. That means We also can change or make your tariff higher by 5% , 10% or 15% as you wish. You dont need to do anything in your reseller account. You just do your business . other all settings, configurations we will do for you.

Other companis just sale credit to you and teach you very basic informations on "tariff" and how to use reseller account and they dont care of your money if you losse that due to mistake in settings.

Tariff changing is case sensitive and is a very long chapter. it is not as simple as people understand it !! There are more then 43,000 destination in tariffs and a very small mistake may cause a very big losse of your money !


Q: Is this 50 euros extra free bonus credit is limited time special offer ?
A: This option is already finished. instead if you want to get extra profit, request us our technical support team on " Contact Us " page to change your tariff . So you can get extra profit.


Q: What options i will get in my reseller account ?
A: You will get a full option reseller account where you can make ringomax accounts. You can modify your customer's accounts like Enable account, Disable account, Credit or Debit account. codec selection etc. Please see Resellers ( Click here ) page for packages. in some packages this option is not available.

Q: Do you offer private / White labled reseller programe ? my Own lable reseller programe ?
A: Yes. We do offer this system. You can have your own company Website, your own company name dialer. your own logo on website etc. Please see more details on Resellers packages ( resellers-packages.php ) page.


Q: What is your billing increament ? is it 1/1 or 30/30 or 60/60 seconds ?
A: It's 1/1 seconds billing.






Q: I paid money by my credit card / Paypal account. But still money not came to my Ringomax account ?
A: Our online payment system is fully automatic. It recharge Ringomax account within 1 second Immediatly after payment .
Sometimes paypal hold customer's payment for Review. They review the payment. If it's cleared then paypal process the payment and send that to Ringomax.
Payment review takes 3 to 5 hours. If you think your account still not credited after 5 hours then, Please contact our technical support on Contact Us page. We will recharge your accoutn manualy.


Q: I paid money for my reseller account by Western Union. But still the money is not credited into my reseller account.
A: Usualy payment takes 4 to 6 hours to be credited into your reseller account. Make sure you sent all details about your payment on Contact Us page ?


Q: What is the minimum amount to recharge my Ringomax account ?
A: You can recharge minimum 10.00 Euro for by Credit card.

If you dont have credit card then you can recharge minimum 10.00 Euros by our local resellers in your country. To contact our local agent in your country , please fill form on Contact Us page. and write in Comments that you need local payment option.


Q: I am From India, nepal, yamen, israil , Europe . Can i recharge by Credit card ?
A: We dont accept credit card payments from your country. You only can recharge by sending money to our resellers where the minimum amount for normal client account will be 50 euros. and for reseller account minimum amount will be 100 euros . Please visit Contact Us page and write in comments that you want to know about alternative payment options.


Q: Can i pay by my Debit Card ?
A: Usualy online payment companies don't accept Debit Cards. I am sure you can not pay by Debit Card. You need to have a Credit card to recharge online.



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